Windows 8 Review

This is my short and sweet Windows 8 Review.  I purchased the upgrade, made the DVD, and tried to install it.  I ran into my first Windows 8 problem before it was even installed.  They make you uninstall incompatible problems, so I tried everything to uninstall it, even downloaded a special program with no luck, so I backed up my data and started from scratch.

At first glance I liked it, it was different, faster to start up, and I liked how easy it was to customize the start menu.  After the second day I missed the old start menu, I didn’t like their app store much either.

I’ve noticed when it comes to my clients and their computers they tend to like simplicity.  Most would rather put money into their 8 year old computer then have to start over with a new one.  They link everything including their desktop to be the same.  This is a big jump for most. 

I wasn’t really recommending Windows 8 computer because of the start menu, but since pretty much no stores have Windows 7 in stock people are pretty much forced to buy them, unless they order online. 

I recently tried out IOBits Start Menu and was very impressed.  I offer it to all my clients and even use it myself.  It brings back the start menu and makes it easier to use.  you can find it here;1

I do like it but the start menu was a big change for most, maybe alil too big.  I wish they would of made another version for business computers that had an old fashioned start menu.  For now I’d stick to Windows 7 until you can’t find them anymore.