Windows 10 is coming soon

windows 10 preview

The corporate giants in the industry of operating systems, Microsoft, have come up with a revolutionary operating system yet again, this time with the all new Windows 10. The pre release software is available for download online. Due to the recent trend of windows taking drastic steps in terms of the interface of the operating system, much is expected from the company this time also. Although the windows 8 was not released a considerably long time ago, but total conversions of the interface of the operating system like that of windows XP to vista or vista to the stunning windows 7, is expected. 

The technical preview of the software has been released yet and the full and final edition is expected to be released later in the year. In the technical preview, the user cannot shut off the automatic updates which might be a source of annoyance for some. However, the system requirements for the technical edition are same as that of the system requirements of windows 8. A processor of at least 1 GHz, a ram of at least 1 GB, 16 GB of minimum free hard disk space and a graphic card supporting Direct X9.

Talking about the interface and features of the windows 10, the company has made it convenient once again for the user to access the start up menu by pinning it to the task bar. One can easily pin all the required and desired apps there. The app development tools introduced in the new OS are said to be revolutionary as the website itself says that the developers will love it and will start to familiarize themselves with the app development tools via the preview. Another big development in the new operating system is that with the help of the Microsoft HoloLens in coordination with the windows 10, you can create holograms and interact directly with the interface. The holograms are said to be extra high definition.

The Good news is that Windows 10 will be free to upgrade for all existing users of Windows 7 and 8.1, even the pirated versions of the software will be free to be upgraded.