Why computers slow down over time 

Why computers slow down over time 

You might have faced the slowing down of your computer with time. Well, just like human beings, computers also age with time which affects their performance and efficiency.

It might have happened that after few years or even months, your computer starts to hang during some task and you are unable to figure out why.

This can start to happen years after you get a PC, but sometimes it happens in just a few short months. Indeed new computers work way faster than the old ones. Whether you own a Mac or a simple Windows computer, this fact is true for all: Computers slow down with time. 

Let’s explore some of the major causes why computers slow down with time.

1. Running Short of Space

Well, storing huge amounts of data can cause your computer to slow down. You must be relieved that your bulk of videos and pictures are safe in your laptop or computer. It’s good for you but not for the computer! 

The brand new computers have little amount of data and they feel no pressure. They show smooth and unhindered performance. The computer RAM and processing units work at your will and show no hindrance which is great. But the bubble is busted soon when you start loading the computer and using up the hard disk space. 

2. Softwares 

Some software are not so reliable and greatly affect the computer speed and efficiency. You might get attracted by a software but it might not be too good for your computer in long term. Moreover, keeping unnecessary and useless software are an extra burden on your computer. If you are not using a software, make sure to get rid of it.

3.RAM issues

Computers can also face a problem of RAM. It can slow your computer down. There are cases when some computers have appreciable hard drive
space and exceptional softwares but RAM is the major problem. With not enough RAM, no program can run smoothly on your computer. 

The most interesting fact however is that having great amount of RAM does not guarantee good computer speed as well. Even if you have a good RAM, you might experience poor speed due to your usage of computer, downloads, files and programs.

4. Viruses and Updates

You should surely start taking system updates seriously because they can cause your computer to slow down. Software updates take a larger part of hard drive space. Not only that, the viruses can cause alterations in your computer and causes it to stop functioning as well. 

Hence, we can conclude that the huge culprits are not RAM, viruses, system updates and hard disk space. Not having enough RAM causes your hard drive to try to compensate for a lack of memory. The computer will constantly seek more RAM taking away resources from other tasks. Make sure to keep your computer free from the evil viruses and regularly check your system for the useless software lying around. This can surely save you a lot of trouble! Solid state hard drive upgrades in fort myers, cape coral

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