Where do these toolbars come from?


Does your browser look like this? I hope not!

What can these toolbars do?  In my opinion toolbars have limited to no usefulness  but what they can do is..

* Slow down your browser

* Manipulate your search results

* Cause a browser to crash

* Track your internet activities


It all starts with a simple download like Flash or Java as shown in the pictures below, then as you’re clicking

yes to everything these toolbars are about to be installed…





It is very important to read each screen before you install anything on your computer, each one of these and so many other programs will continue to install extras on your computer as well as change your homepage.

To remove them, all you have to do is go to the control panel, and uninstall them one at a time.  I hope this has made you more aware and less computer problems in the future.