What’s your backup plan?

I cannot stress enough how important backing up your files should be to you, I know how important my EBooks, pictures, music, documents, videos are to me, they are irreplaceable If your hard drive crashed today, what would you lose?  Would you spend $750-$3000 to get your information off the drive?

A few years ago I took all of my moms, my grandmas, and my whole collection of family pictures and scanned them to my computer, it’s about 25 gigabytes of pictures, in about a week  From my computer I then transferred them to DVD’s and an external hard drive.  Currently I have them on 2 external hard drives and my online backup because, to me, my files are priceless as yours should be to you. 

Want a  worry-free automatic backup system for your files? Don’t pout or cry, call The Computer Guy 239-768-1600 ?  We’ll set you up with a system to an external drive and/or  have it backed remotely to a secure server for your home or work computer.  Don’t wait till it’s too late to call