Random Pop Up Ads and How to Get Rid of Them

Random Pop Up Ads which keep coming on your screen while you are browsing the Internet can be annoying. These ads can make it impossible for you to work in peace. Therefore, if you are seeing random pop-up ads and redirects while using your Internet browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, then it’s obvious that your computer or laptop is infected. This infection can be because of a harmful program which must be removed from your computer before it causes damage to the documents in your computer.
The major and reason of these pop-up ads is that you might have accidentally installed an ad-supported extension for your internet browser. These browser extensions are mostly unknowingly installed without your consent and keep bugging you until you find out which software did it come with.
Mostly this ad extension is added into your browser when you install software. There are a large number of software e.g. those of download managers or even PDF file creators which lead to the installation of an adware program in your computer. Therefore, you need to look out for such programs and do not install a program or software from an unrecognized website. It might be the cause of the ads popping on your screen!

What to Look Out for?

Mostly, in order to identify an adware extension on your computer, there are few signs which you must look out for which will help you identify the adware on spot. Some of these signs are the popping up of an ad right after you install specific software or open a new tab on your browser. If this happens, go to the program manager and uninstall the software as soon as possible. You certainly don’t want unnecessary ads bugging you all the time. Other signs include:
• Slowing down of your computer or laptop
• Slowing down of your internet browsing speed
• Advertising banners coming up on the web pages that you are browsing
• Web page text turning into hyperlinks.
• Popups suggesting you fake updates

Your Guide to Get Rid of Random Pop-Up Ads

Following are some of the few basic steps you should take if you want to get rid of the random pop-up a Windows

STEP 1: You have to first get rid of the malicious program from your computer. Uninstall the program by going to the Program manager in the Control Panel of your computer.
STEP 2: After that, you have to scan your computer with reliable Ad Cleaning software. One of them which is typically famous for this purpose is the Malwarebytes AdwCleaner software.
STEP 3: Once you are done with the can, you now have to scan your computer with anti-malware software in order to get rid of any malware in your computer. Typical software being used nowadays is the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free. Software named HitMan Pro is also usually used to scan your computer after this step.
STEP 4: You might want to reset the settings of your browser and set it to default settings in the end.
After following these steps, you are free to use your computer and browse without any fear of unnecessary ads popping up on your screen. Happy Browsing!