Powerliks DLL Host Virus Alert

Poweliks is one of the most renowned Trojans which affect the Windows operating system specifically. Itroguekiller finding powerliks virus has a very distinct feature which differentiates it from almost all other sorts of Trojans and viruses. The feature is such that it does not require some specific windows binary file for continuing its infection or infecting the system initially. For a layman, a binary file is any executable file of the disk of the computer.

Before describing the Poweliks Trojan any further, the working and the infecting process of a usual orthodox Trojan is elaborated here. The most ordinary method by which a Trojan affects an operating system and more specifically Microsoft Windows is by a dropper program that is run on a system. It serves as a host and after that it itself downloads the main payload file which actually does all the malicious work and all the infecting. After the main infecting payload file has been downloaded and has started its work, the actual dropper file self destructs and is deleted as an automation process so the virus cannot be detected and the nuisance is maintained. The payload file starts its practical working after the actual deletion of the dropper file. It starts to annoy the user of the operating system by opening pop ups or creating advertisements for the most undesired and indecent products. It also sometimes shows a warning regarding the safety of the computer that it is unsafe and it needs protection. In some cases the Trojan may also ask for ransom for the private files and the threat behind that is that if the demands of the operators are not met, the files will be deleted form the disk.

But the intentionally created virus software like Poweliks are quite different from the usual ones. The DLLHost processes powerliks virustechnicians suggest that in the Poweliks virus, the main payload file is not downloaded and doesn’t need to be downloaded. Instead, the dropper file which was inducted initially plays the role in causing all the annoyance and the nuisance. Like all the ordinary viruses, the dropper file in the Poweliks deletes itself but before the deletion, it encrypts the malware and the infectious files in the registry of the windows system and is hence hard to detect. A dynamic link library file (DLL) fie is a file that plays a gateway for the entry pf such programs into the computer as it is an executable file. In the cases of malware, it is termed as a Trojan Horse.

This malicious virus uses up all your computer resources, which makes the computer freeze up, making it hard to remove. Adlice makes a great software call Roguekiller that can aid in the removal process and can be found Here. If you have this virus and need assistance please call us today at (239)768-1600 and schedule and appointment

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