Is it time for a new computer?

      You probably do need a new one, but like most people you grown attached to it because it has everything you want you on it.  It’s a pain in the butt to start from scratch, but sometimes you have to keep up with technology.  Businesses lose money when they’re computer or server goes down, too slow to keep up with the work, it pays to maintain your computer such as upgrades, tune-ups, virus checks.  People come in all the time to shop or we go to their house and their computer is about 6-8 years old.  Some don’t do much on it like surf the web and read emails, but they’d rather put $200 or more into the computer like a new hard drive then it put that money towards a new computer.  I always give my recommendation which applies to each time differently, but when it gets to a point that hardware upgrades and software cleanings won’t make a difference in the speed of the computer then it’s definitely time for a new computer.

Samsung QX411        The computer I own I bought around Christmas time from Best Buy.  Mines a Samsung QX-411, kind looks like a Mac, but better and half the price.  It’s got an I5 processor, 6 GB ram, upgrade to a 7200 rpm 500GB SSD hybrid drive, 9-10 hour battery life, 14 inch screen, translation = it’s fast baby.  It’s important because I do so much work on my computer from this website to all the accounting and invoicing for the business.  I do have an anti-virus on it and an automatic backup, which are 2 known programs to dramatically slow down a computer, but I barely feel it.  If you’re looking to get a new computer and need some advice give us a call at 239-768-1600, we’ll help you pick out the right computer for you.  Remember computers are made to be disposable nowadays, cheap computers usually means cheap parts, so in the end you always get what you pay for.