Upgrading ram on laptop

How do I make my computer faster

         How do I make my computer faster? You make your laptop or desktop computer faster by upgrading it! By putting a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) in it and upgrading the RAM. A SSD speeds up your computer startup and opening programs to super fast, they are well worth the price. Nowadays the bare minimum for RAM is 8 GB, it’s needed to multitask on your computer and surfing the web. Here’s a little more information on the benefits of investing in your computer


Benefits of Computer Upgrades

Have you ever considered upgrading your computer for faster speed and better performance? No? Well, replacing your current hard drive with the solid-state drive and adding a little bit more RAM to your computer can matter a lot. It’s easy and can be really beneficial for you.  You can reap a lot of benefits by using Solid State Drive (SSD) as your main and primary drive for your operating system and most importantly for carrying out some crucial functions in your computer. You can still use an external HDD along with SSD for storing photos, documents, pictures and music. It is known that SSD can be accessed 6-20 times faster, but HDD comes with low cost. Both HDD and SSD come with their separate pros and cons. Let’s see how upgrading your computer’s hard drive to an SSD and adding RAM can prove to be useful for you.


Faster Access time


It is easier to access SSD as it can be accessed in a fraction of seconds. SSD is way faster and can run programs efficiently. It takes less time to access massive amounts of data through SSD.

Upgrading the RAM, multiple programs can run on your computer simultaneously.  Extra memory in your laptop makes sure that there are no bottleneck effects when trying to open multiple programs or high-memory programs.


Getting an SSD drive for your computer can prove to be much more reliable as SSD does not have any moving parts. SSD utilizes on a flash memory for storage of data. SSD is reliable and has faster performance. Whereas, The HDD has many magnetic platters fitted inside it. This means, that in case of wear and tear, you can lose data on HDD.

Faster Internet Browsing

Internet browsing can add a lot of pressure to your computer and can alter its performance. Memory upgrade can help you browse faster as more RAM is available. You can open the media-rich content easily even if you have a poor Internet connection.

Better Visuals and Performance

Gamers notice a lot of difference after RAM upgrade as it improves the response time of your computer and the visuals of your game seem to be a lot better. Apart from that, other functions of your computer like sharing of a printer gets easy. Memory upgrade lets many people print at the same time without any interruptions.

More Power-Efficient

Upgrading ram on laptop

Adding RAM to my laptop

Getting an SSD is power-efficient as it consumes much less power than HDD. This means longer battery life of your laptop. HDD is usually power hungry as it needs power to move the magnetic platters.

Reduction of Noise

SSD is not at all noisy as there is no spinning of magnetic parts in it. HDD on the other hand tends to create a lot of noise.

Availability of Different Sizes

You can get small sized SSD for your laptop to save space in your computer. It is available in a wide range of sizes and you can buy one according to your requirement.  Whereas, HDD don’t come in smaller sizes easily.

Less Heat Dissipation  

There is no dissipation of heat while using SSD and this increases the lifespan of your drive. HDD can get easily damaged due to the dissipation of heat.

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