Good Bye Internet Explorer, Hello Spartan!

For some time now, the people over the renowned software and OS Company, Microsoft have been dropping hints regarding the cancellation of Internet Explorer. Internet explorer has been the centre of amusement for a long time now due to the huge success of its competitor browsers like chrome and Firefox. However, the recent development regarding this fact is that the Microsoft has formally and finally announced that the browser they are going to introduce in all of their future operating systems or software is not only going to be the traditional internet explorer. To some, this might be the end of an era, as the current generation has been using the internet explorer as long as they remember.

Recently, in a Microsoft convergence, the chief of the marketing department, Capossela announced that internet explorer is not going to be used as the only browser any further. Instead of the traditional internet explorer web browser, the company will now use new software under a new brand name. He did not mention the brand name of the software as he suggested that the software is yet to be name but as for now it is being called Project Spartan. It is being said that the primary browser will be the new ‘Project Spartan’, while the secondary will be the internet explorer. Now the logic behind all the hype being created regarding the end of an era of the Internet Explorer is that we all know the performance and the quality of the Internet Explorer in recent times. We also are aware of the feedback that IE has been receiving recently. In these conditions, the introduction of a new browser while keeping the other one intact is just as the Company is trying not to hurt the IE emotionally.

Consequently, it is obvious that  Internet Explorer will be side lined and finally cancelled in the near future. But Capossela has confirmed that Internet Explorer will also be present right alongside the new ‘Project Spartan’.

Internet explorer was initially introduced in windows 1995 and has served the users for more than two decades. Capossela accepts that it had its own intrinsic value and suggests that the name for the new browser is being decided as we speak. But one thing is for sure, the name of the new browser will not be associated with the internet explorer by a fair margin.