Cryptolocker Malware Removal and Protection

cryptolocker ransomwareCryptolocker is a renowned computer virus. It is said to be targeting the machines bearing the operating system of Microsoft Windows. It originated almost two years ago when it was reported to be uploaded on the fifth of September of the year 2013 on the internet. The technicians suggest that it was categorized as a ransom ware Trojan. In simpler words, it was a virus the operators of which demanded ransom for its removal after it has been inducted in the system and they also threaten to damage the system as well as private files. The source of the induction of the virus which plays a key role in its functionality in the system is the attachment which is received by the unfortunate victim by an email. If the file is opened it encrypts the files on the drives of which naturally damages the entire system.

The operators have the control of the key files and have the power to decrypt the files. For that purpose they demand a substantial amount of money, hence the term ransom ware. The transaction is usually required to be made via bitcoins. If the ransom is paid the files are decrypted by the operators. The message of the operators to the victim is displayed via a popup or some other mode on the malware. The operators give a deadline for the payment of the amount. If the victim is unable to  pay the ransom and the deadline passes, the amount increases and so on.

Due to the development of the Technology and the efforts by the professionals, the Cryptolocker ransom ware could be removed entirely from the system but it was also found that some of the files that continued to cause defect to the computer were still left in the computer. The way out, as it seemed, was the compliance of the demands of the operators. The victims some also reported that even after paying the ransom, the files were not decrypted.

In the May of 2014, an operation was conducted known as the operation Tovar. It was found out that almost 3 million USD had been extorted by the operators of the virus. A security firm after investigation during the operation got hold of all the databases of the private keys which the Cryptolocker was using. After obtaining the key, they created an online recovery tool to recover the files along with the keys which would help the users to recover the data and saving their computers without paying the ransom.

I have seen this malicious virus on 3 separate computers and I rate this as the worst, because at the time there was no fix for their encrypted files. Although by now there is a website devoted to help you decrypt your files Here.  You need to protect your computer and your files now!  More and more of these types of ransomeware are being develeloped all the time, take action by using these products such as a malwarebytes and carbonite today.

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