Repairs, Installs, Upgrades

PC Repair
In addition to offering hardware diagnostics, repair and component replacement services to residential and commercial customers we can also help with:


Windows errors, corruption and other software problems

  • Virus / Malware removal and prevention
  • Retrieving your files from Windows User Accounts where the password has been lost or forgotten.
  • Basic data-recovery from Hard-Disk Drives, Floppy Disks, CD/DVD's, and USB Pen Drives, with access to high-level data-recovery specialists.
  • Cloning' data from one hard-drive to another – definitely the best way to replace or upgrade your hard disk without reinstalling Windows, drivers, updates and all your programs!
  • Laptop repairs


PC Installation
Just got a new PC? Need some help setting it up?
It doesn't matter where you bought your PC – give us a call and we'll help with connecting it all up, getting you online and transferring all of your files and settings from the old computer.

Hardware Upgrades
Whether it's a major motherboard and processor change or just a quick memory upgrade, look no further. We can help advise on what and where to purchase as well as fitting and testing your new hardware.

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